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Modern Italian cuisine with Danish or Scandinavian products

Our dishes grow from the roots, evolve to make you dream, travel, discover and feel a territory until you reach the same starting point, that is the raw material: local, organic and wild.
Paying attention to what we put on our plate is fundamental to countering climate change, one of the biggest problems that we as humanity face today.

At the table, every day, each of us can play the part of him.

Thus our cuisine has its roots in a gastronomic philosophy that is deeply aware of that eternal path that leads from simplicity to perfection, always passing through nature.

The same nature that, season after season and with a beautiful and vast variety, can offer precious products: in a world that runs, moving around without stopping has led us to forget what we had at hand.


In an increasingly circular perspective, even the uniforms of our staff and the kitchen team have been embroidered from the fabrics of the old tablecloths, ancient fibers that have acquired a new value.

We do not use fresh flowers in the dining room, we like to smell them while walking in the beautiful fields of our nation; rather, we wanted to recover all those dried flowers which, otherwise, would have had too short a life.

We serve food and drinks following a completely plastic free policy, while our menus are made of recycled paper: we like to think that, by reusing it, there is still a trace of our work at every change of menu.


For this reason in Brace we carefully select only local, Danish or Scandinavian products and ingredients, such as Funga Farm mushrooms, grown with an artisanal method from spore to harvest, or Birkemosegaard beef, raised with love in the family for four generations.
All come from farmers and farms who work sustainably and embrace our idea of ​​catering.

We just couldn’t do without Parmigiano Reggiano and Pistachio di Bronte from our mother country, which has deep roots in our hearts, and whose teachings can be found in our cooking techniques.


Given the great value and respect we have for the raw material, we have evaluated some alternative and, why not, fun solutions to minimize waste.

For example, we use coffee grounds to produce kombucha, and fruit and vegetable peels to make our non-alcoholic pairing or home-made herbal teas to give to our guests: a pampering at the end of the experience that, we hope, will leave. a pleasant memory.

The bond with nature is real for us, we firmly believe that what dies can continue to live, becoming a new lifeblood.

Restaurant Brace has received a Green Star Michelin in 2021