Nicola Fanetti- Head Chef and Co-Owner



When you step into Brace, you step into my home


Brace is my small gem, where I express my creativity, combine my experiences and explore my curiosities without labels or rules. My Italian background is the root of my cuisine and at Brace, we break the boundaries of tradition with inspirations from my life, my team and our surroundings. 






Casual fine-dining

We want you to feel at home, and enjoy the evening to it’s fullest.  Our service is personal and friendly and there is simply no fuss.







The backbone of Brace is the values shared between my partner, Ursula Waltemath and I. We have a strong focus on using some of the best products on the market. Growing up, my family produced and foraged most of our daily ingredients themselves, this is something I value deeply. We are always searching for and making new connections with local small farms who produce with love, passion and respectable ethical values. There is where we find fascinating quality.