Wine – selected with respect for nature

Just as our menu card reflects curiosity, the wine list is composed of wines from lesser-known wine regions where farmers follow traditional production methods. The wine menu is made up of sommelier Felix Chamorro, who strives to select grapes complimenting the menu.


At Restaurant Brace, our core philosophy is to unite classic Italian cooking with Nordic food – in the middle of Copenhagen’s old towns. With equal curiosity and respect for these two fascinating worlds, we have created a culinary combination that draws on the best of both food traditions.

Nordic food in Copenhagen with Italian flair

Restaurant Brace is an unpretentious eatery with a vision of introducing a different approach to Italian and Nordic food for the Copenhagen food enthusiasts.

The menu is based on carefully selected ingredients and ingredients. In line with the basic idea of Nordic cuisine, the commodities are highly seasonal. Similarly, the menu card is a dynamic size, which changes in line with the seasonal range of raw materials.

However, we aim for each meal to emphasize the freshness and character of each ingredient, and the menu always offers a well-considered selection of our own favorites from Italian and Nordic cuisine. Restaurant Brace is thus a splendid symbiosis of Italian and Nordic food in Copenhagen.

Ambitious and boundary pushing

Behind the concept is the chef and co-founder of Restaurant Brace Nicola Fanetti – an ambitious chef who has gained inspiration from the Italian and Nordic food worlds to Copenhagen.

Nicola Fanetti draws on his experience as well as Michelin chef as his curiosity and unwavering pursuit of exceeding the limits of the gastronomy world. Despite his adventurous nature, however, he manages to balance the gastronomic characteristics of the two regions in a perfect combination.

You can discover our menu here if you want a feel for how Nicola Fanetti unites Italian and Nordic food in our Copenhagen restaurant.

Copenhagen in a new way? Book your table and embark on a culinary tour of the two regions of our casual restaurant.