16 servings: 895 kr

Wine pairing 8 glasses: 775 kr

This menu takes you on a full experience into our world. It’s a dynamic menu with servings of various sizes using only the best ingredients we could find. Our modern Italian roots are at the core of our cuisine and together with the fantastic local produce of the Nordics, our creativity has no boundaries.

Typically takes 3.5 hours to serve entire menu.



10 servings:  495 kr

Wine pairing 5 glasses: 445 kr

A lighter version with servings chosen by the kitchen from the Brace Experience menu    

Typically takes 2-2.5 hours to serve entire menu.




Brace Carbonara

Norwegian Baccalà Mantecato

 Limfjord oyster – Last year’s pickled white asparagus – Red sorrel – Toasted hazelnut oil

 Norwegian Scallop carpaccio – Basil oil – Burrata snow 

 Grilled langoustine – Peperone crusco emulsion – Juniper oil

 Langoustine tartlet – Rose hip cream – Nasturtium

 Grilled Broccolo fiolaro – Egg yolk cream – Lovage oil – Black truffle

Brace Bruschetta

Ramson Plin ravioli – Fjord shrimp – Bergamot 

 Artichoke – Parsley – Horseradish cream

 Paccheri – Occhiello bean – Dried mussels – Santoreggia

 Grilled quail breast – Clementine juice – Black garlic

 Quail leg – Sourdough yeast – Aromatic Italian herbs

 Kiwi – Elderflower – Lemon balm

 Pine shoot – Jersey milk yogurt – Bee pollen

 Anis fried dough – Blood orange – Sage ice cream


Additional Cheese Serving 125 kr

The Brace Experience menu can be ordered until 21:00





— Length of menu should be for the entire table —